Over the years, GadLight has developed unique expertise in connected health by addressing the fundamental issues of consumers with chronic illness, and a need for daily self care. One such overarching issue is that medical devices often feel medical, and consumers do not want to be reminded that they have a disease. A second major theme is that for any self care solution to be successful, it has to fit into the consumer’s life and not disrupt it.

To address these challenges, our team first and foremost focuses on removing barriers for use; these are any number of steps or period of time that requires the consumer tto pause their daily activities in order to care for their disease. Removing barriers increases ease of use, driving better compliance and adherence to self care recommendations. We believe in truly complete solutions; developing the right apps, and even more so, the right device to drive data gathering! We also strongly believe in integrating the consumer electronics experience into medical devices. It is what consumers (not patients) expect from any technology driven device.