Dorel Case Study

The Challenge:

Dorel, one of the world’s largest juvenile product manufacturers, owns multiple brands across a number of continents with their own R&D centers in Europe, North America and Asia. Dorel asked GadLight to look at their industry and product line from a fresh perspective, to provide new product concepts and invent new products that could be adopted in all markets. This case study addresses only one of these products; the stroller.

The focal points for consumers shopping for a stroller are weight and foldability. Through observational research, we concluded that convenience of use would require a much better understanding of the daily life of a family with a newborn or small child. We also observed that most brands claimed the comfort of the baby comes first, a statement we strongly disagreed with.

Inventing : Opportunities:

First, we set out to develop a new stroller with the motto “the comfort of the parent comes first!” Our philosophy is that if the parent is comfortable and relaxed, that same feeling will be transferred to the baby. To do that, we had to address the daily frustrations of the parent when taking care of the baby. The end result was the Flex Stroller, developed with total focus on making the parent’s life easier;

  • Weighs less than 20 lbs.
  • We designed the seat frame with a canvas support secured with 2 zippers, enabling the seat to change positions to become a bassinet.
  • Folds flat with the seat or bassinet in place and in any position. Comparable strollers would have either a seat or a bassinet, and have to be in a specific position or removed from the frame completely for folding. When opening the stroller, the seat/bassinet goes back to the last position it was in.
  • When opening the stroller, a spring assist helps the unfolding process, requiring significantly less struggle and effort for the parent.
  • We created a storage bag that can be clipped on to multiple parts of the stroller and does not need removal for folding. Parents could clip on multiple bags (storage is a very important feature, especially in winter environments).
  • We created a line of summer and winter seat/bassinet liners for girls and boys. Our philosophy is that those liners could be removed and washed at the end of the day, and that the stroller style could be updated with the seasons, or if the family has another newborn of a different gender. This added convenience and flexibility to both the store owner and parents.
  • Finally, we added a canopy that folds almost 180 degrees, to provide the infant sun protection as well as prevent the parent from using a blanket draped over the stroller, not offering enough protection.


Dorel applied several features of the Flex stroller to their different branded strollers, integrating our philosophy and functionality through their product line.