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  • Entrepreneurial visionary with a 30-year record of creating and working with winning corporations and products.
  • Proven history of building internationally recognized, mass-market brands with hundreds of diverse corporate cultures, from medical to mass transport industries, kitchen to cellular products.
  • Trusted Fortune 500 executive advisor, distinguished by unique perspective and strategic risk-taking for the betterment of both company & consumer.
  • Competitive strategist based equally in the disciplines of Marketing, Product Development, Engineering and Design that has resulted in significant positive revenues and increased market share.
  • Successful inventor holding numerous patents and expert in the process of product definition, innovation and operations.
  • Candid negotiator with the ability to communicate and elucidate between divergent disciplines.
  • Sold GadShaananDesign in December 2007 and launched GadLight, a market strategic product innovation company.


Gad’s path as an innovator is rooted in the interaction of his two essential passions: product innovation and global culture.

As the son of a diplomat, Gad spent his youth immersed in several European countries and Canada. After choosing to complete his active duty with the Israeli Army, Gad returned to Canada to attend university. As a result, Gad thrives in and is dedicated to working with diverse cultures. He has a thirst for news, politics, and current culture. As a corporate advisor, he is committed to challenging his clients and coming to new solutions. A designer and inventor, he fully comprehends the bigger picture and the nature of successful, global business.

Born with a critical eye and deep curiosity for products, Gad studied mechanical engineering then moved on to study design in Milan to better create, understand and control his own products’ integrity. Leading with insight, strategic innovation and deep operational experience, Gad has millions of products successfully in-market. Doing so, he has proven the value of a positive emotional connection between brand, product and consumer.


Gad incorporated his business in 1981. Built on the foundation of service to his clients, GadShaananDesign flourished to become one of the leading product development firms in North America. The holder of numerous patents, his success was based upon a tight integration of strategic marketing, innovative design and evolutionary engineering. The firm was dedicated to helping companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, meet and exceed their business goals through new product innovation. The mission: “We create products that continuously advance our clients’ position in the marketplace by helping them make a positive connection with consumers.”

  • Responsible for P&L, creation of strategy based on client needs, creative direction for product design, sales, marketing
  • Articulated company vision to staff.
  • Increase value for company in structure of deal, generating, 30% net profit margins.
  • Built business from the ground up to a multi-cultural staff of 42 representing 17 nationalities.
  • Led a team of researchers, designers, engineers, model-makers, unique interdisciplinary mix, thereby having a full skill set in-house, which retained product integrity.
  • Managed up to 25 clients and up to 35 projects simultaneously.
  • Built on a diversified client base to create a stable business environment.
  • Analyzed information with consumer-centric focus.
  • Entered the Taiwanese market in the late 80’s by helping “OEM centric” corporations evolve into brand-driven products.
  • Over the years, opened offices in Montreal, Taiwan, Chicago, Florida and San Diego.
  • Sold the company after 27 years to Worrell Design, Inc.


In late 2007 GadLight was launched, a corporation dedicated to creating sustainable innovation in product and business development.

  • Applies the incubator model to identify new markets and needs.
  • Creates and tests innovative products
  • Ensures manufacturability
  • Licenses to clients/partners


Gad Shaanan has won numerous design awards in various categories and is a regular guest lecturer in conferences addressing; mass transit, medical, consumer electronics and house ware products. In addition, he is a guest lecturer in both MBA and design schools. Gad is a board member for both for profit and non-profit organizations and is a supporter of the San Diego performing arts and museums.


  • Creating a modular and tailored youth-oriented entry-level cell phone that sold over twelve million units in a corporation where 1.5 million is considered a win.
  • Redefining the RPTV market by addressing low-tech features that consumers struggle with, creating recognition by both industry press as well as consumers.
  • Redefining the endoscope sterilization device by creating a breakthrough basin technology.
  • Redefining the flight simulator by creating a new composite structure that reduced weight and cost by over 30%, improved assembly methodology, increased ergonomics and design appeal.
  • Inventing a new way to brew (North American style) coffee one cup at the time in 1996, when the concept was foreign. Awarded patents in thirteen countries.
  • Redefining the spray head of a lubricant by inventing the “smart straw” which integrates the straw to the spray head permanently without ever losing the straw again, substantially increasing profit margins to a 50-year-old product.
  • Inventing the first beard-grooming trimmer with an integrated vacuum system that re-established the brand as an innovator, and increasing both sales and profit margins.
  • Inventing an anti-mine boot that gained worldwide recognition by various militaries and is part of the permanent collection at the MOMA.
  • Redefining the above ground swimming pool market by developing a system made entirely of the blow-molded process and that requires no screws for assembly, resulting in a significant tooling cost reduction and increased revenues.