GadLight is a team of experts in market trend analysis, business strategy, and product innovation. We identify gaps in the market, product line, or brand, and convert them into meaningful opportunities that increase market share. We Deliver solutions that increases our clients brand equity.
Gadlight invents opportunities.

As business cultures age, established brands and products become obsolete, and with marketplaces evolving ever faster, obstacles to innovation become larger and more costly. This has created a paradox in that, the more new business, marketing strategies, and product innovation is needed, the more difficult it has become for companies to create products within their own organizations. In this environment, truly innovative products and business growth solutions cannot successfully compete for the required resources, time, and management attention. This is due to the dramatically different skill sets of those normally found working daily on specific tactical product issues.

How is GadLight different from product design firms?
GadLight is about inventing (or discovering) and defining a new business and market opportunity specifically for existing corporations who experience brand erosion. We leverage the brand equity by repositioning it in existing or new product categories that use the existing or new sales and distribution channels. Once we establish the business and marketing strategy, we define and invent new products through a unique research process that will build an emotional connect with consumers. When the business, marketing, and product strategy have been defined, we design, prototype, and market-test the products, including price elasticity, and provide buyers with statistical data to assist them in the store placement decision process.