Qualcomm Toq Case Study

The Challenge:

For well over a decade, GadLight has worked with Qualcomm’s C level executives as a team extension with a different objective; creating reference designs by consumerizing Qualcomm’s R&D initiatives. We take technologies that are still under development and modify them together with Qualcomm’s R&D teams in order to bring out the technology’s value from a consumer’s perspective. As a deliverable, we provide proof of concept reference designs that are presented to Qualcomm’s customers.

This project integrated three technologies; a Mirasol™ display (a screen that is always on), wireless charging technology, and a new radio. Our challenge was to design these components into a wrist device that would be as thin as possible, have unique apps, and communicate with an Android smartphone.

Inventing : Opportunities:

To minimize the thickness of the device, our team developed an adjustable clasp that incorporated the battery, while still providing wrist size adjustments. With that, we created a PC board that lay inside the Toq™ casing where we accommodated each component on the board to further reduce thickness. We also worked closely with the Mirasol™ team to add features and refine the overall function of the display.

For a more unique experience, we developed a wireless headset device. The headset had earbuds the size of hearing aids, exceptional sound, and 24 hour wear comfort without compromising the ear canal; the user could adjust how much ambient sound they wanted to hear while still enjoying quality speaker sound. We achieved this by integrating and cross balancing two speakers originally designed for a different application.

The wrist device and headset came with a wireless charging station. Our design significantly enhanced the coupling of the device, drastically reducing its production cost.


Qualcomm’s internal team adopted our design and commercialized it for the purpose of showcasing their technology, creating excitement and driving sales of their new technology platforms.