Case Study of Storex Binder

The Challenge:

Storex, a startup company launched by a former toy industrialist, wanted to offer something new to the home office market.

Inventing : Opportunities:

Together with our client, we selected the most mundane office commodity-the binder-to draw attention to their new brand. The strategy was to offer a really “different” binder. At the time, most were made of vinyl covered cardboard panels; for the Storex binder, we changed to an injection molding production process. We used unique styling combined with a functional Chal(and unobtrusive) grip handle and clear snap-on label window.

Counting on impulsive consumer spending, and that they would be attracted by adding some excitement to their paper management tasks, we were able to launch this new product at a price point four-to-five times higher than similar existing binders.


The success of this strategy surpassed all expectations, and today Storex binders continue to sell at a premium. This product was introduced in 1990, since that time many competitors have launched their version of the Storex binder.