Tagg Case Study

The Challenge:

Pet lovers can attest; our furry friends come in countless shapes and sizes, with all temperaments and quirks. Our task was to develop a cellular & GPS enabled dog tracker, and home geo-fence that could function on WiFi. GadLight’s challenge was to shrink a relatively large device to suit smaller dogs. The main issue was a specific radio band that required a large antenna footprint. The tracker had to be securely mounted onto any size collar, easily removable for charging, water proof, sand proof, mud proof, and ultimately pet proof, all at a competitive price.

Inventing : Opportunities:

We addressed the size issue by developing a rubberized, flexible antenna with an inherent curve that could follow and adjust to each dog’s neck diameter. We further ruggedized the device enclosure, and provided a single-button user interface design with LED lights for status feedback. While the device had to withstand a dog’s love for the outdoors and getting into all kinds of trouble, we wanted it to be easy to remove and reattach for charging. We developed a clip system that fit onto multiple collar sizes and thicknesses, and integrated a sensor that confirmed when the tracker was properly engaged on the clip. This feature also served to notify the owner of any removal from the clip in case of dog theft. Last, we developed a small home hub both to charge the tracker, and to be programmed as a geo-fence for the pet.


Tagg™; a highly reliable, customizable dog tracking device for pets 15 pounds and up, with an easy user interface, portable geo-fence, and ability to withstand elements like sand, mud, and ocean swimming. Cellular connection to the Tagg™ website and smartphone app allows pet owners to remotely monitor their dog’s location, and be immediately notified to unusual activity, wherever they are!