Case Study of WD-40 Smart Straw

The Challenge:

For years the iconic WD-40 spray can came with a separate red straw taped to the side of the can for more precise application of the product. In addition to being awkward to use, the detached straw was often lost by consumers.

Inventing : Opportunities:

In WD-40's mature and very competitive market, we realized that it would not be enough to solve the problem of the detached straw. Our aim was not only to put our client further ahead of their competitors but also to increase their profitability. Gadlight devised a solution that would encourage greater product consumption while allowing WD-40 to sell the product at a premium price.


We created the Smart Straw, which allows the WD-40 straw to be permanently attached while maintaining dual spray action functionality. When the straw is in the down position, the dispenser has a regular spray action; when folded out at a 90-degree angle, the dispenser delivers a precision stream through the straw. This significant improvement enables WD-40 to draw new attention to a decades-old product and increase market share by enhancing their product's advantage over the competition. However, what is perhaps equally as important is that we created a mechanism that could be manufactured and assembled at a very low cost.


The Smart Straw product was launched in the US in July 2005 and has since been sold to millions of household and industrial consumers around the world. It has become a significant commercial success and now represents an important percentage of the WD-40 brand's global sales. Thanks to the high demand for this innovative new product, WD-40 is able to charge a significant premium for the Smart Straw can compared to their conventional dispenser. Thus, our innovation has also enabled our client to greatly increase their profit margin.