YOFiMeter Case Study

The Challenge:

Consumers with chronic illness share fundamental issues when faced with adhering to daily steps toward better health. Self care solutions have to fit into the consumer’s life, not disrupt it, and the vast majority of medical devices often look and feel medical, nothing like the products they like or want to use. Consumers do not want to be reminded that they have a disease.

To address these challenges, our team first and foremost focuses on removing barriers for use; these are any steps or time required of the consumer to pause their daily activities to care for their disease. Removing barriers increases ease of use, driving better compliance and adherence to self care recommendations. We believe in complete solutions, by developing the right apps and even more so, the right devices to drive data gathering! We also strongly believe in integrating the consumer electronics experience into medical devices. It is what consumers (not patients) expect from any technology driven device.

Inventing : Opportunities:

GadLight developed an innovative blood glucose meter (BGM) and diabetes management system, with the above philosophies at its core. The device is “always ready” and incorporates a cassette-based system of lancets and strips, drastically cutting the inconvenient and conspicuous prep time normally required to check and record blood glucose levels. The meter also incorporates a touch screen, a quad-band cellular modem to send data directly to our server, Bluetooth connectivity to collect data from other devices, and many other features that make testing & tracking easier, less intrusive to the user’s life, and much closer to a consumer electronic experience than what exists today in this industry.

The glucose meter serves as a hub that collects multiple data points and automatically sends them to the cloud. Data is captured and delivered in real time to a caregiver, EMR or any other connection through HIPAA compliant protocol. Several of the meter’s data gathering points are automatic and transparent to the user, providing additional granularity to the consumers’ medical status, and less work for both consumer and caregiver.

We also developed easy to understand smartphone and web apps, though the user only needs the device for data input and tracking. The apps are designed for care providers to see consumer health status at a glance, and look deeper into the data. The software drives the total experience in tracking and disease management, while the device is what drives the user adoption of the system.


YOFiMeter™, a blood glucose monitoring system that is always ready for use, doesn’t look medical, and allows for more efficient testing and tracking than any other BGM. In preliminary studies with multiple consumers who have diabetes or care for people with diabetes, young or old, type 1 or type 2, the vast majority have expressed an overwhelming desire for YOFiMeter™. YofiMeter™ is presently in FDA.